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  One of the products such as "Green Cover" is the safety cover equipped with fastener mechanism manufactured and sold by us under our parent company's patents, for the purposes to contribute to protect Earth from air pollution, water pollution, soil contamination, etc. as one of global environmental problems.It has been used in many fields like chemical manufacturing plants, semiconductor device plants, oil manufacturing plants, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants and those related facilities. It is an environmental protection product which already has the outstanding performance in Japan and other countries.

  One of the other product- FN Tape is able to prevent most of engine room fires caused by the splashing of flammable oils, simply by means of binding and wrapping FN Tape as spray shields around flange connections & mechanical joints in FO, LO & other pipings within 3 to 5m area from potential ignition sources, wherein flammable oils are expected to splash onto hot surfaces or spots.FN Tape is the product we've developed and manufactured, which are fully complied with the requirements of the SOLAS 94 Amendment Reg. II-2/15.2.11 and are type-approved by major ship's classification societies worldwide, and FN Tape products have been patented in Japan and overseas countries.